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use The Force

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UTF! started in January 2022 and will last 12 months. During this period, the 3 organisations will form a single development team to create the BETA version of the game (final output). The co-creation will take place through 3 preparatory phases that, in addition to achieving the final goal, will also allow for a progressive enlargement of the development team, first by integrating it with 3 external experts, then by extending it to the entire European YW community.

Be the Force!

The activity is divided into 2 parts: a preliminary one, during which the 3 organisations will form local work teams, composed of 4 YWs and 2 young people; and the development phase of the pre-ALPHA version of the game, containing the minimum elements (ideas, mechanics and dynamics, basic rules, etc.) to be tested and validated all together, during the TPM in Italy.

Let’s play the Force!

After testing the pre-ALPHA version locally, the development team expands at this stage, with the addition of 3 external experts (a YW expert, a psychologist/counselor and an expert in pedagogy and gaming), who can analyse, validate and enrich the pre-ALPHA version, to create a more updated version of the game (ALPHA) that will be tested during the TPM in Denmark and subjected to further validation.

Be your Force in the world!

The objective of this phase is to continue the co-creation of the game, to launch the BETA version (main output of the project). To this end, the development team and the 3 external experts will launch a public appeal, to involve other YWs and young Europeans in testing the game, expanding the Padawan community. The feedback gathered during testing will be used to optimise the game. During the last TPM, in Cyprus, the Padawan community will decide how to continue the development of the game, beyond the BETA.

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